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Technology or whatever we may point to as the reason for our busy lifestyle, we are finding it increasingly hard to get the time for accomplishing even simpler tasks in life. Like, several years back it was easy to go to the market and buy vegetables and fruits. We can still remember our parents taking us to a Sunday Bazaar and shopping fruits, vegetables and other grocery items.

However, unfortunately, most of us are occupied with so much to do and with such little amount of time. Therefore, one way of overcoming such scarcity of time is by relying on technology-driven solutions. is one such great addition to help us around with our busy lifestyles.

Here is why is an excellent choice for customers looking to buy fruits and vegetables online in Lahore.

Focus on Premium Quality Fruits and Vegetables

Quality is one of the leading concerns for consumers in Pakistan. We often see on the news problems in the quality of the foot or addition of impurities during the processing of the food items. Despite authorities taking so many actions, a lot of businesses still keep getting away with such malpractices. However, has only focused on the quality of the produce from the start. Therefore, when it comes to buying quality fruits and vegetables online, you do not need to worry about There is a dedicated team of procurement professionals which checks all the fruits and vegetables for any problems before delivering them to the customers.

Delivery of the Order in 45 Minutes

Foods and mainly vegetables are need of every household. Imagine homemakers cooking meals and relying on the street vendors for buying them. Therefore, they have to find a way to get these delivered to their homes on a timely basis. ensures delivery of the orders within 45 minutes. Therefore, the customers do not have to worry about waiting for too long. Homemakers that need to have vegetables available on time can rely on this excellent service to ensure timely cooking of the meals.

Customer-Friendly Return Policy

If you have ordered anything online in Pakistan, you know that there are only a few organizations that take that kind of care in delivering the products. Therefore, one has to be careful if they are placing the order with a company that cares about its customers. Thus, understands the apprehensions of the customers who are trying to buy perishable items online. Therefore, the company has an easy product return policy. If a customer is not happy with a product, they can just return it and get their money back.

Highly Affordable Rates

One of the most problematic areas in fruits and vegetable purchase is online pricing. Therefore, ensures highly affordable products delivered to the customers. It means continuously monitoring the fluctuating prices and ensuring the customers are delivered products at best possible prices. There are very few if any options available that offer premium quality fruits and vegetables online at such affordable prices.

No Minimum Order Limit

One of the most significant problems with anything that you order online is the minimum order limit. You have to place the order for a certain amount as a minimum before you get the order delivered to your home. However, does not put any limit on the quantity of the order that you are placing.

Free Home Delivery

Besides not putting any limit on the minimum order quantity, the delivery of the fresh premium quality fruits and vegetables to your doorstep is free. You do not need to worry about paying any transportation charges.

Want to place your next fruits and vegetable order online in Lahore? Go to or call 0304-111-7355 now.

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scope of e commerce in pakistan | online shopping scope
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Scope of E-commerce in Pakistan

Pakistan is consistently being included among the quickest growing e-commerce markets within the world. Presently estimated at over $120 million, the country’s e-commerce sector is multiplying in size per annum, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 100 percent. As per Google’s analysis, this trend can continue throughout successive 3 to 5 years and help the arena surpass the $1 billion mark in 2020. Pakistan’s internet penetration – estimated at eighteen presently – is that the real help for the recent growth in e-commerce.

This was expressed by Salman Hassan, chief executive officer – TCS ECOM. With growing web penetration, accessibility of smartphones and slow but steady increase in awareness, the longer term for e-commerce in Pakistan looks bright.

About the scope of e-commerce in Pakistan, He said the long run growth of this sector was the thought in mind once TCS came upon TCS e-com as a separate entity 2 years ago. The company understood that e-commerce was an entirely new market and a high growth space for the longer term and we committed to taking TCS forward into this exciting and fast business.


Scope of E-commerce in Pakistan

“We are also observing lots of foreign interest in Pakistan’s market potential, including one of the first being Rocket internet of course and currently we’ve recently seen Alibaba Group’s interest in investment in Pakistan ‘s e-commerce sector – with potential collaboration opportunities being of great interest to all the relevant stakeholders,” Hassan said, adding that government is additionally taking appreciable interest in this sector by putting in joint public and private working teams for policy development. TCS is proud to be one in all the 3 companies invited from the private sector for this landmark initiative,

He aforesaid there are lots of massive players within the market. However, the Yayvo business model is incredibly different. We tend to believe that Yayvo isn’t a typical e-commerce company but one thing more as we have the support of the nation’s largest logistics conglomerate that ensures that our customers receive their orders and purchased the product in a higher and quicker manner than anyone else.

Replying to a question, he said globally, e-commerce has seen a number of various innovations. These include drone delivery, increased reality technology that provides a 3D shopping experience for users, and therefore the use of digital payment platforms to ease money transactions for purchasers. in addition, e-commerce has additionally contributed to the gradual extinction of physical wallet usage whereby upgrades to consumers’ mobile devices and merchants’ location systems can spell the end of the standard wallet.

We feel immediately that quickest delivery is the biggest distinction maker for purchasers in Pakistan.

When asked what area or niche he assumes is yet to be explored, he said the e-commerce business has lots to get, explore and learn. At Yayvo, as we tend to progress, we might wish to transcend our reach and explore all potential options, be it drone delivery, NFC payment solutions, and even take into prospects never discovered before.

Pakistan's E-Commerce Market Size | E-Commerce Growth in Pakistan
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E-commerce Market Size & Growth in Pakistan

Pakistan’s e-commerce market size is predicted to develop to $1 billion by the year 2020 that falls between $70-150 million.

E-commerce landscape faces barriers to growth in Pakistan

A yearly report of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) 2017 has discovered that on the orders of the prime minister, the ministry of commerce has developed an ‘e-commerce policy board’ to observe progress and ensure coordinated cross-institutional efforts for expansion of Pakistan e-commerce market size.

In private sector, entrepreneurs have launched e-commerce initiatives for customers (B2C) that are success stories like,,, the report said.

The most necessary component of the e-commerce system, it added, is the payment gateway that will change the entry of credible international players in e-commerce system of Pakistan and can resolve long barrier to the expansion of the country’s e-commerce market. It will promote the e-commerce growth in Pakistan effectively.

The policy and regulative development recently have made-up the method for credible international players, to enter into Pakistan’s e-commerce market. This will increase the Pakistan e-commerce market size.

Pakistan is usually a cash-driven economy as a number of debits or MasterCard holders is little and m-wallet accounts also are terribly low because of which more than ninety-five percent delivery system, the report said.


Pakistan getting ready to launch “state-of-the-art” e-payment gateway

The PTA is continuing in its report that the country is additionally making smart progress on business to business (B2B) front as software business aims to attain the goal of $5 billion export mark by 2020.

Furthermore, the IT trade has numerous medium-sized IT companies earning nearly US $530 million, principally in software development and service outsourcing. However, Pakistan’s share within the international IT sales is simply $2.8 billion out of worldwide $3.2 trillion within the international market.

Consumer buying trend in Pakistan isn’t simply limited to purchasing products online, there also are websites for cars, property and travel that shows that buyers within the country are using the web to experience a large range of economic activities and in this way, the Pakistan e-commerce market size is increasing, said PTA.

Some of the native portals have emerged as leading online businesses in Pakistan, for example, PakWheels.

The automobile portal has emerged because the leading online automobile buying and selling website in Pakistan. It has reached an inventory of over 160,000 cars and over 24,000 motorcycles and is accessed by quite 100,000 unique visitors on a daily basis, said the report and supported the e-commerce growth in Pakistan. is the leading online realty database that connects realty dealers, developers, estate agencies with general buyers, sellers and renters in Pakistan.

The PTA said that Food Panda, as Pakistan’s leading food delivery app, estimates that it’s generated a staggering one billion rupees in further sales for the building trade throughout the last year. additionally enjoys an exalted standard as Pakistan’s leading job website with many nationwide vacancies publicized daily. Whereas is that the largest online shopping centre and provides a platform to multiple vendors and one-stop to customers.


Online shopping is currently making its approach to rural areas

All leading brands of fashion, food, accessories etc. are also providing online shopping facility to their customers. These portals are currently also providing mobile and online solutions for payments. However, it’s imperative that the govt. and private sector enables a secure, reliable and unrestricted surroundings for the customers for e-commerce activities. The success of such online ventures has made the e-commerce market of Pakistan a profitable marketplace for foreign investment within the digital world, the report continued.

Recently, the famous online shopping store managed to secure an investment of $55 million for its operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar from Asia Pacific internet cluster and Commonwealth Development Corporation group, UK. raised $ twenty-nine million in 2 rounds of international funding from Catch cluster and Frontier Digital Ventures.

The famous ride service Careem also has put an investment of 60 million dollars from Abraaj group (Abraaj) as lead capitalist for its operations in Pakistan and MENA region whereas raised $6.5 million during a Series-C funding round with Vostok Nafta and piton Capital Lead Investment as the main investors, the PTA report said.


E-Commerce Growth in Pakistan

Pakistan’s e-commerce business can exceed ‘several hundred million dollars’ by 2020. Pakistanis seem to spend ‘several hundred million dollars’ on online shopping because the country adopts digital technology. Tightened by smartphone penetration and digital payments solutions, the country’s e-commerce business is anticipated to grow enormously by 2020.

The profitable impact of information and communication technologies will be seen with the outstanding e-commerce growth in Pakistan through websites like,,, and

Many companies business had a grownup to the extent to which it lacked the capability to compete. In this context, the businesses had to cut short the list of things on sale.

The business owners ascribed to the speedy expansion in e-commerce trends to the introduction of mobile broadband services in Pakistan. Telecoms are providing banking services on mobile handsets through their mobile banking solutions.

Branchless banking transacted over Rs486 billion throughout October to December 2015. This was attributable to the launch of mobile broadband services on 3G/4G LTE in 2014.

Financial establishments significantly are the favorites being early technology adopters of recent ICTs opportunities for the transition from ancient bookkeeping to computer-based solutions.

Online banking, ATMs and mobile payment systems are some of the foremost banking services establishing the full use of data and communication technologies and are another factor for the e-commerce growth in Pakistan.

Alongside online shopping and smartphones penetrating quickly round the world, the incursion of mobile sales would even have a clear-cut impact on Pakistani’s e-commerce market. They offer shoppers capability to make purchases with extreme ease while they’re ”on the go” or once they are encircled by the comfort of their own residence.

Mobile took concerning twelve percent of online payment that was similar to about the U.S. $ 303 billion within the United States.

In future, mobile phones are predicted to double online sales to US$632 billion worldwide and can account for 45 % of all orders being placed on online stores.

Pakistan being a region of this mobile shopping rebellion also will have a superb impact on Pakistani’s e-commerce market.

If somebody sees at websites present in Pakistani interwebs from mobile devices, one would notice that majority of them are responsive and some of them even have their own dedicated applications like Daraz.

The rapid growth of e-commerce in Pakistan witnessed in mobile wallet solutions like EasyPay in Pakistan.

Smartphones are still used for the foremost part to browse for things. Also, laptops and desktop computers provide a lot of descriptions and permit users to visualize the image more clearly.

Purchasing isn’t being done in high frequencies from mobile devices as they’re within the traditional sense, indicating that there’s still some time before the adoption is slowly accepted on mobile devices furthermore.

In the future, with the maturing of 3G/4G telecoms services and enhanced wireless coverage in Pakistan, together with the affordability of smartphones, e-commerce will certainly rise to bigger stature.

history of ecommerce in pakistan
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History of E-commerce in Pakistan

The commerce activities like sale, purchase, exchange or transfer of products or information or services, done with the means of electronics and several technologies are named as E-commerce. But, generally, the e-commerce is simply related to online transactions. Oftentimes the e-business and e-commerce terms are used conversely but actually they are two distinct concepts comprising of about three and four integrations each. As compared to e-commerce, the e-business is more difficult. e is One of the forms of e-commerce businesses with online shopping and online trading is known as the E-marketplace. It is a place where buyers and sellers meet trade services, goods, information or money or any consideration thereof.


The History of E-commerce in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the e-commerce was initially started in 2001. Suddenly the PayPal services in Pakistan got banned and the eCommerce business merchants started to use the cash on delivery, and also the bank payment methods to keep their trading continued. At that time, there was no other dedicated online payment service working in Pakistan, and it was unfair to online buyers in Pakistan. But later on, these needs were fulfilled to some extent due to the launch of a new method; mobile payment systems in Pakistan. The famous telecommunication company Telenor launched the “Easypaisa” Mobile Account Service in October 2009, through which users were able to pay bills and transfer and save money domestically as well as internationally. For saving money, they could use the easypaisa mobile account. This trend revolutionized the trading behavior and gained trust among online shoppers.


Implementation of E-Commerce in Pakistan:

  • Online shopping

It is the direct purchasing of goods from an online shop using a web browser that is supported by devices like smartphones, laptops and desktop computers etc. At present, the online shopping is largely carried out by the young generation especially the males masses in Pakistan. As per the history of e-commerce in Pakistan, the Pakistanis used to prefer manual approaches to buy goods. However, the future of e-commerce in Pakistan is bright because according to the current growth of e-commerce in Pakistan, it is flourishing rapidly.

  • Online banking

Online banking is the easiest and highly admired service by the Pakistanis for completing e-commerce transactions. All the mess to do is that the user just has to configure their credentials and use them easily regardless of their location.

  • Marketing

Besides of just shopping, e-commerce is also playing a major and effective role in the marketing of products all across the globe. Due to the inflated number of internet users, businesses are boosting and promoting the e-commerce by placing the products online and promoting them by creating advertisements. The marketing helps the online marketplaces like and to raise their sales and prove the perfect use of the internet.

  • Social networking

Undoubtedly, the mobile phones are most widely used by the Pakistani people. For the past few years, cell phone technology has gained vital importance and has become the most prominent figure in Pakistan’s IT industry. E-commerce is notably emerging in terms of establishing a strong connection among consumers and conveying the information of products.

Fastest Growing E-commerce Industry in Pakistan
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E-commerce Industry in Pakistan

For the past few years, there has been a great increase in the e-commerce industry worldwide. Pakistan is one of the fastest growing countries, and in the domain of telecommunication, it doesn’t lag behind. The CEO of eBay Devin Wenig is expressing that E-commerce industry in Pakistan is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world right now.

According to a well-observed estimate, Pakistan is about to cross the US$ 820 million at the end of 2018. This is not all, but the government authorities have predicted that by the year 2020 Pakistan’s E-commerce market will going to be $1 billion.

This bursting trend of e-commerce industry in Pakistan has been mainly lighted in the modern times by the establishment and flourishing of 4G and LTE services. This spread the accessibility of internet all over the country and also allowed people to be more active when it comes to making purchases from online stores. Today, everyone understands the power of social media marketing.

Here are some of the shopping trends that are being observed in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. These consumer shopping trends will envision you of what is happening this field and will also guide you if you are deciding on some kind of e-commerce venture.

Age groups:

According to the different aspects of consumer buying behavior, the researchers expressed that the younger population is more attracted towards the use of e-commerce facility.


When it comes to buying things online, men have the upper hand in Pakistan. According to a survey, about 70% of e-commerce activities are done by males. But the average conversion rates between the males and females are surprisingly similar between the two genders.


Lahore and Karachi are the trendy cities and also the majority of educated people live here, therefore these two cities prove to be the most active when it comes to e-commerce. According to sources, about 27% of the total traffic has been noticed from Lahore while in Karachi, it is 26%. Other cities are the Islamabad and Rawalpindi with 21% of traffic.

Another reason for the boom in e-commerce industry in Pakistan is the fast and adequate lifestyle of people in Pakistan. As the country is growing economically and same is the case with the corporate sector, people are having less time to shop from place to place and they find suitable to shop for the products and services from various online resources and mobile apps.

Pakistanis are now provided more options to choose from. And the business operators are up to improve and give quality services to the customers. In the past, people were only interested in the electronics and smartphones etc.

They were buying only that things through an e-commerce application, but now they are various products ranging from groceries to kitchen utensils and automobiles, from furniture to electronic equipment, from clothes and shoes to food items, and services etc.

At the end, it is necessary to mention the that e-commerce industry in Pakistan is only going to prosper because the conditions of Pakistan are fully suited to any online business as more and more people are showing their interest in shopping from online stores.

These agencies provide clean and unique SEO and quality content services for marketing, which bring people on to the promoted platform and increase the sales of a specific product or service. We can simply say that the future of e-commerce is very bright in the rapidly evolving It environment of Pakistan.

Female Online Buying Trends In Pakistan
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Female Online Buying Trends In Pakistan

Several recent studies have supported the fact that Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is growing rapidly and has the potential of extending multi folds in the near future.

In Pakistan, there are about 30 million internet users. The online purchases have accounted for $30 million and are expected to grow among them. But most of these purchases are reported to be done far more than males relative to the female community. According to the E-commerce Report by Kaymu in 2015, About 70% of the online purchases are done by males while the purchases carried out by female internet users are only 30%.

This figure is very low because of many reasons. There are some affairs which regard women more than men when shopping online. According to a survey, the major issue is the hesitation problem in terms of social factors, emotional, psychological and privacy factors. Women’s aim to shop is principally dependent on an experience of direct narration from a trustworthy friend who shopped online before. So, the words of mouth play a strong role in supporting their intention to do online shopping.

When a woman has to buy something online, it’s mostly about fashion related. Even though she would prefer to shop physically but if she faces some obstacle or wants to avoid the hustle, she would open up her laptop or mobile app at her home, and start browsing across various online shopping sites. They also shop online if they fail to find something similar in the ground shops which is not available due to new trends set by the online shops.


Many best online shopping stores in Pakistan, to which a massive traffic of women proceeds to make an online purchase, have been keeping track of women’s purchasing behavior. So according to those shopping stores, there are very high peak times, when a large number of potential female consumers come across, looking for an online purchase. They experienced low peak hours when the female visitors or consumers traffic is low.

In terms of online purchases, different websites may have different timings of their high peak and low peak hours. But according to e-commerce report, on average, Most of the Pakistanis do online shopping between 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm. According to, they experience high peaks from Thursday to Sunday. And the rest of the days, the consumer traffic is low.

With the passage of time, the female consumer intention to make online purchases has increased due to the introduction of top clothing and accessories brands to the online stores. Brands like Khaadi, Sapphire, Tesoro, Elan, etc. have launched their online retail stores, so giving the opportunity to women from far off areas to order their products online and they delivered to their doorstep. They also enjoy a competing advantage in terms of brand recognition and brand loyalty. So, the women are less hesitant to order online from their websites. But if they are to order online from a platform like or, then they are forced to think twice. Because of the price competition and the cloth quality. They do make purchases after reading the positive customer reviews about that items.

Even when it comes to purchasing fashion wears online, there is a trend among women of purchasing items which are smaller in the price range. This shows a connotation of dubiousness while ordering products online in Pakistan. They are doubtful to buy something with a heavy amount as it is necessary for them to physically examine it before buying.


Moreover, the payment method and the mode of delivery also plays a major role in women’s plan to shop online. Despite the availability of other trusted payment methods, the cash on delivery method is the most common and trusted mode of payment among online shoppers of Pakistan. This is majorly because of the physical association factor. As long as people don’t physically see and touch the product, they will be suspicious of their money being lost. That is why COD is supposed to be a comfortable, trustworthy and secure mode of payment. Furthermore, the delivery service facilitates women to avoid traffic hustle, long ques as well as severe weathers in Pakistan. The most commonly used courier services among online shopping stores for their order deliveries include TCS & Leopard courier.